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We specialize in general contracting public venues.


Our mission

Our mission is to be one of best executor of construction, installation and furniture  works. We want to preform our customers the highest quality and proffesional service at fair, competitive prices. Client's satisfaction is our main priority. We focus on completion our tasks timely and without quality compromises.

Our vision

We are proud of projects already executed within European Union and Russia. With enthusiasm we assist our clients in organizing and coordinating another projects. With passion we help our clients to make their plans a reality. 

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"Długosz" company was founded in 1998. During several years of operation we have specialized in the general execution of retail areas, stores, banks, offices and other construction projects.

We are a construction cooperator of more than 400 objects in Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Russia, Germany, France and United Kingdom. Furniture produced by us is assembled in more than 280 locations.

Our experience and successful cooperation with reputable clients made us known as a solid and trusted contractor. Our success is achieved mainly through highly specialized staff and useage of latest, effective solutions. Constructors of furniture, construction engineers, installation brigades - all our time work hard every day to provide high quality realisations on time.

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Długosz Meble
Długosz Meble

What is our advantage?

We are up-to-date comapny with years of experience. Efficient brigades and qualified managers allow us to lead several different projects in few locations at the same time.

We provide a full range of works on arranging the interiors. We have our own manufacturing and transport what allows us to fully-fit to customer needs. We are ready to provide the flexibility, that our copmetitors are not able to have.  

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Why are we able to execute every, even uncasual and complicated project?

To be able to meet our client’s expectations we have invested in the latest production technologies. We pay attention to be up-to-date all the time. We take part in technical events and fair regularly. Good organisation of work lets us to offer our clients high quality at reasonable prices.

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Długosz Meble

Years of experience

Within a dozen of years of our company has become a renowned, general construction works contractor. Own production facilities allows us to realize not only the typical construction and installation works, but also delivery and assembling of unusual elements (furniture, storefronts, steel constructions and many more ...)

Professional crew

We employ dozens of people with at least few years experience of proffesional construction service. It let us to move fast and be able to solve even very outsized problems. High quality structure is a final effect. 

Up-to-date technologies

We work on the latest technical equipment, so we are ready to work with good performance maintaining the highest quality. We use progressive machinery and tools from renowned suppliers. Participation in trades and industry events allows us to be on time.

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